We are a leading distributor of primary packaging solutions. On top of our extensive range of products, we offer an ever-growing array of services with the aim to unburden our customers based on their specific needs. These are our value-added services. Our experience, expertise and knowledge of the latest technological advances allow us to guide customers towards the ideal packaging solution for their products. Our long-standing customer and producer relationships are a testament to our constant commitment to excellent service and relationship building. 

With our customers from start to finish


Our aim is to support our customers throughout their journey towards the most suitable packaging solution for them. Depending on our customers’ wishes, priorities and challenges, we are involved as much as they want or need us to be. Thanks to our combined experience and our continued dedication to development and training, we help customers turn concepts into reality while taking into account any constraints that may exist along the product life cycle. 

Starting with

  • Full consultation and project briefing

It is our objective to find the perfect packaging solution for each distinct individual product.  

Firstly, we learn from you and understand

  • your vision, brand values and ideals,
  • your product,
  • your budget,
  • your market,
  • your quality requirements,
  • your supply chain.


We then identify potential solutions by bringing in  

  • our understanding of packaging materials, their properties and their capabilities,
  • our knowledge of processes in manufacturing and decoration/printing,
  • our experience with fillers regarding supply, forecasting and logistics,
  • our understanding of technical constraints on the filling lines,
  • our knowledge of market trends, sustainable practices and government policies,
  • our global network of producers and our innovation capabilities.


Together we come up with a workable and feasible packaging solution. 

Offering a variety of packaging alternatives

  • A broad range of standard products to serve both small businesses and larger operations
  • Customisation of standard products with design and decoration
  • Independent worldwide sourcing to provide a complete packaging solution, including closures and non-standard products
  • New Product Development for bespoke or customised options

A broad range of standard products

  • Glass, plastic or metal packaging options
  • Full range of closures and dispensers
  • Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic options and mono-material recyclable options
  • Workable refill options and options for closed loop recycling systems

of standard products

We assist you with all related printing techniques and offer numerous options to refine your packaging: printing, coating, sleeving, engraving, spraying glass, foiling.

Independent worldwide sourcing

We work in close partnership with the world's leading producers and provide you with access to their distinguished product ranges and innovation capabilities.

New Product Development

When you want to achieve maximum standout for your product, we have the possibility to develop dedicated packaging designs. We have our dedicated technical graphic design staff and 3D printing capabilities to conceptualise your ideal packaging solution and support your decision-making process.

We can offer bespoke solutions starting at low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and attractive mould costs.

Ensuring comprehensive project management

  • Experience and dedication
  • Relationship management
  • Quality management


With experience as a company dating back to 1906, we are not afraid of tackling the most diverse customer demands. You can rely on the vast experience of our packaging specialists.



From the beginning, one of our Account Managers will manage your project and assist you as your key point of contact through the entire process, providing quick answers and the support you require.


Relationship management

We build strong relationships with both our customers and producers to ensure you receive the best service and communication throughout the project. We’re part of your team. 


Quality management

No matter what sector you are in, quality is a crucial element to your success. We pride ourselves in understanding the quality and regulatory requirements of our customers and surpassing them upon realisation of the project.

We have in-house certified lead auditors for ISO 9001-2015, ISO 13485-2016, ISO 22000-2018, FSSC 22000 v5.1, VDA 6.3 and AGR Glass Plant standards. 

And, last but not least, delivering on-time and in-full

  • Vast warehousing capacity
  • In-house transport management
  • Import & export modalities

Vast warehousing capacity

With a combined in-house storage capacity above 300,000 sqft and a network of external storage facilities, our group can accommodate any inventory strategy for any product type. This often includes the customer’s wish to reduce own inventory levels to keep maximum working capital available. Our lean organisation allows for efficient and effective delivery to your filling site. 


In-house transport management

We arrange the most appropriate transport routes on a case-by-case basis, using a combination of our in-house truck fleet and external transportation partners. Minimum burden, maximum reliability is what we aim for. We also optimise transport packaging to ensure efficient use of the available space in trucks and containers. 


Import & export modalities

Our services include processing all documentation, customs clearance, financing, and payment handling.  

What makes us different?

  • Our history and experience
  • Our people
  • Our global partnerships
  • Our ever-evolving product and service offering

History and Experience

We have been in the packaging business since 1906, which makes us one of the longest-standing players in the packaging distribution market.


Our people

We attract talented and motivated staff, whom we continuously train to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry and acquire relevant skills.


Our global partnerships

We develop and maintain excellent long-term working relationships with both our producers and our customers. Our products and services enable our customers and producers to stay focused on their core business; entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinationals alike.


Our ever-evolving product and service offering

The world we live in today is not the same world as during our beginnings in 1906, and it will continue to evolve faster and faster over the next decades. We have proven that as a family-owned business, we can adapt to this fast-paced change and grow by developing an ever-more relevant offering of products and services. We understand the current challenges linked with circular economy and are constantly evaluating our choices for their impact on society, environment and economy. That’s how we believe sustainable development is achieved. 

Our packaging specialists are available to support you throughout your sourcing journey, from the early design phases to reliable deliveries. Whatever your primary packaging needs are, we are the right people to speak to. Contact us at +32 2 454 14 11 

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